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2018 Piercing Spotlight



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2018 Piercing Spotlight

To help our customers stay informed on some of the latest and most popular piercings, we have put together a top 5 list of some of the more popular trends and piercings we are seeing, not only in Morgantown and WVU, but throughout Pittsburgh and surrounding regions. It is easy to follow the latest trends and see what might be popular in places like New York or California, but we wanted to showcase body piercings from right here in West Virginia.

Tragus Piercing

The tragus piercing is a great way to add some color or style to the front of your ear canal. We offer different jewelry options for your tragus piercing.

Septum Piercing

This nasal or nose piercing is a great way to add a bold look to your face. We offer a range of upgrades for septum jewelry or septum clickers that range from small and petite to bigger and bold.

Navel Piercing

The navel piercing or belly button piercing is a cute way to add some style or fashion to your lower section. We offer a variety of jewelry upgrades for the navel piercing.

Dermal/Surface Piercings

Dermals, often called Micro Dermals or surface piercings, are piercings that can lie on nearly any flat surface of your body and held in place with a dermal anchor underneath the skin. We offer a number of dermal tops to customize the look of your dermal piercing.

Daith Piercings

The daith piercing, also referred to as the headache piercing or migraine piercing, has been popular due to its relief of pain associated with migraines. We offer a number of jewelry upgrades for your daith piercing.

Stick Tattoo’s Harmony Mafield performed all piercings and pictures. Harmony is one of the most experienced and talented body piercers in the region, and is dedicated to helping educate and inform her customers on the various trends and after care steps for every piercing.

To learn more about Harmony and all of our piercing information, be sure to click here to read more! Stick Tattoo is dedicated to being your safe and leading source for experienced body piercings and body modifications.