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Tattoo Customer Etiquette

Stick LLC

At Stick Tattoo, we are working continuously to grow and improve our shop so that we can continue to be a true destination for tattoos and body piercings. However, there are a few things that we must inform and educate our customers on. YES — you reading this — we want to ensure you are living up to your expectations for a tattoo or piercing customer. Here are a few expectations and considerations before your next appointment, as told by our owner, Damian Ferek.

1) Respect your Artist and Appointment:

We are all human — we know things happen, or come up with your schedule — but, we ask that you let us know as early as possible that you have to cancel or reschedule your appointment. You would not believe how many same-day cancellations we receive, or worse, flat out no-shows for scheduled appointments. Everyone is busy, maybe you spent your tattoo budget on unexpected bills, your family, or maybe it was just your twice-a-day Starbuck’s addiction — either way — please have the decency to call and tell us so that we can fill your appointment.

2) Expectations — know what you want:

I am often surprised by how many customers come in and have no idea what they want — they just want ‘something’ and expect one of our artists, or coordinating team, to be able to read your mind and suggest the perfect tattoo, without knowing who you are, or anything about you. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning to get a tattoo, regardless if you want it tomorrow, next month or next year:

  • Have an idea or ideas of what you like. Feel free to print off and bring in examples of what you like
  • Have an idea of where you want to place it on your body. (yes, some places hurt more than others, but everyone is different and pain tolerance is no different)
  • Please do not bring us a tattoo that is already on someone and ask for the exact same thing. We love that you found exactly what you want, but respect the person that its on, and allow our artists to add their creative spin to the tattoo and make it unique for you.
  • Take the time to learn how to take care of your tattoo or piercing afterwards. Our team will help you with this, but its then up to you to take care of it after. It really does help, and will only give you the best result (not to mention prevent infection).

3) Friends often make bad clients:

I preface this by saying that clearly not all friends or family make bad clients — Stick Tattoo would not exist without the help of our family and friends — but, unfortunately, consistency tells a different story as a whole. In our industry, we meet a lot of great people, and have grown up with others, as well. So please, do not ask us every time if we are going to hook you up with a discount. We try to price fair for everyone, so please do not insult us by asking for a better deal.

And unfortunately, history shows that our shop has had more last minute cancellations, no shows, late arrivals, from our friends than our loyal customers…. So, help us… help you.

4) Yes, even you have a deposit.

Deposits should never be looked at as a bad thing. That money comes directly off the total cost of your tattoo — provided you keep your responsibility and show up to your appointment or give us 48 hour notice if you have to cancel. I have found that 9-10 people who question our “deposit required” are the ones who will most likely no-show, or cancel within 24 hours of their appointment. If you are one of our many clients who made deposits and kept your appointment — we thank you. We wish everyone was like you. Unfortunately, its just not the case.