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Advantages of getting tattooed in the winter



Posted by mjd

Advantages of getting tattooed in the winter

We know that winter can be cold AF, but there are advantages when it comes to your next tattoo and piercing – and for many of us, the winter months actually tend to be our favorite time of the year to get tattooed. Besides the welcomed tax return, here are three reasons that we, at Stick Tattoo, actually recommend getting your next tattoo in the upcoming winter months.

1. No Risk Of Summer Activities

We see it every year… customers come in and want a new tattoo or piercing, before they go on Spring Break or take a summer vacation – even though we educate and remind them about the risk of bacteria found in pools, lakes, hot tubs, etc. We strongly urge that you ensure your tattoo is properly healed before going on any vacation to where you may be subject to additional bacteria or infection. To help reduce this risk, we suggest getting tattooed in the winter, where it is less likely that you will be in a large body of water. And if you happen to be one of those doing a polar plunge… godspeed to you.

2. It Will Burn Like A Mother…

As we best describe, your new tattoo is best compared to a new sunburn on your skin. You must properly care and treat your new tattoo with aftercare. And for those of us that have ever had sunlight hit a fresh sunburn – that feeling is intense and hurts like a mother! But regardless of the immediate discomfort, it is extremely bad for a new tattoo, as direct sunlight could cause your fresh ink to fade in a fairly short period of time.

3. Less Sun Exposure

With any tattoo, we recommend very little sun exposure, or, at the least, ensure you are using proper sun block. This ensures the color and longevity of your new, or existing tattoo. By getting tattooed during the winter months, most of us are still wearing long sleeves, or getting very little sun exposure, thus allowing your new tattoo the proper time to heal. This way, your new tattoo will be completely healed and ready to be displayed come summer time – sun’s out, guns out.

All of that said, we are not completely advising against getting tattoos in the warmer, summer months; however, we just know that is more challenging to ensure proper care and healing for your tattoo during those months. Because of this, we do support and recommend the winter months as being a great time of year to get your next tattoo or body piercing.

If you have any questions regarding your upcoming tattoo or body piercing, please give us a call at our location in Morgantown to speak with our team. Stick Tattoo was established in 2014, and is dedicated to being your leader in proper tattoo education and care throughout West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Ohio.