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Aubrey Conley

Stick Tattoo Co. would love to introduce our Shop Coordinator, the wonderful Miss Aubrey Conley. This sassy, classy and oh-so-smart-assy spirit joined our team in 2018, and quickly found herself with total control when Shop Manager Rachael Ferek went on Maternity leave. However, this management-veteran stepped into the octagon with an elegant swagger and took control from the first round. And not only that, but she did it with her signature grace, smile and personality that simply lights up a room. But cross her, and she will not hesitate to knock those lights right out!

Aubrey continues her dedication to the shop in helping oversee customer scheduling, supply needs, and appointment confirmations along with her invaluable friendship and support to our team.

But, what stands out even more than her right hook and dance moves is her devoted parenting abilities. Aubrey is an amazing mother of two wonderful children that all share a love for the outdoors including boating, hiking, and running – or lazy beach days of sand, sun and fun. She also serves as a great role model, from her passion for helping people – to her belief that people can choose how happy you are simply by rejecting negativity. This contagious outlook can be seen everywhere she goes through her constant cheer, friendship and laughter. (Again, remember to stay on her good side! She will stare you down with her disapproving ‘mom- glare’ without hesitation!)

And as if that weren’t enough in describing the next Mother Teresa, Aubrey is a talented blogger, sharing stories of family, motherhood, and life’s blessings. Just do not ask to read them…

Unless, of course, you are ‘Ol Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra… then all bets are off! Thankfully, this secret appreciation for Franky has not found it’s way to our shop radio station…though, we’re not sure who would dare tell her to turn it off…

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