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Brandon Volek

Tattoo Artist

Brandon Volek is one of the region’s most talented and recognizable tattoo artists. Originally from Point Marion, Pennsylvania, Brandon was the first artist to join the team back in 2014, when the idea for Stick Tattoo was still just a concept. Not only has he created some of the most detailed, bold and iconic tattoos around, but he has continued to help mold Stick Tattoo into the shop that it is today, as one of our founding artists.

Brandon’s favorite part about tattoo artistry is simple—he likes making great tattoos. His eye for detail is unreal and continues to gain national recognition for his work in realism tattoos, portrait tattoos, black and grey and new school tattoos, just to name a few. And while this artist may be rather soft spoken, we think it’s safe to say that his work speaks loud enough for anyone.

Brandon’s recognition as one of West Virginia’s top tattoo artists continues to grow, as seen by his appointment schedule. To ensure he is providing the best artwork possible for all of his clients, Brandon opens his books for three months at a time, to ensure his clients are able to get tattooed in a timely manner.

When not tattooing, this quiet soul transforms into an adventure junky, pushing the limits off-roading, snowboarding, skateboarding, or whatever else he can get into. To many, his adventure side may catch them off guard, but to us at the shop, we have just acknowledged it as ‘The Chronicles of Brandon Volek”.

To learn more about Brandon Volek’s tattoo appointment availability, please contact our shop at info@sticktattoo.com, or email Brandon directly to schedule a consultation for your next custom tattoo.

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