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Cory Phillips

Tattoo Artist

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If we had to use only one word to describe tattoo artist Cory Phillips it would be AVID.

Avid Artist.
Avid Creator.
Avid Collector.
Avid Father.
Avid Husband.

Originally from the Charleston, WV area, Cory moved to Morgantown to attend WVU for art and has remained in the area ever since where he continues his love and passion for art as an extremely talented and versatile tattoo artist. While humbly claiming to be a student of most tattoo styles, he enjoys detailed styles that utilize a lot of line work and different line weights. He likes being able to tattoo a range of styles such as American Traditional, New School, and Realism while still adding his own touches and flare to each.

But Cory’s artistic ability is not limited to tattooing. He enjoys drawing, oil painting, sculpting clay and the occasional paper mache project. He been creating and cosplaying for over five years, creating various suits of armor from foam into characters like Batman, Iron Man and War Machine. He is also working on creating his own toy line featuring a race of warrior monsters.

And when Cory isn’t creating something amazing, he spends his time collecting toys from the 80s and 90s, watching Sci-Fi & fantasy movies with his wife and daughter, and staying updated on the latest sightings and findings with his love of Cryptozoology (the study of animals and creatures that are rumored to exist – we had to look it up, too).

It is clearly safe to say that Cory is one talented guy with a passion for creating some really awesome stuff, especially tattoos. To learn more about Cory or to schedule an appointment, be sure to contact us here or fill out our request form here!

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