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Dan Lewis

Tattoo Artist

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Dan Lewis was a talented and enjoyable tattoo artist that started with Stick Tattoo in 2015, and was a huge part of our team, until his unexpected passing in September 2021. Dan was more than a great tattoo artist, colleague and friend… to us, he was family. He had the distinct ability to make anyone and everyone laugh with his antics and jokes, while also bringing a smile to all of his customers. He will certainly be missed.

Please view our team’s tribute to Dan here.

In his honor, we will continue to leave his picture and bio, as he will forever be an integral member of our team.

What do you get when a comedian, politician and tattoo artist walk into a tattoo shop?

We aren’t really sure, but when you meet Dan Lewis, you will see that you have all three in the same person!

Dan is easily one of the most recognizable artists at Stick Tattoo, not only due to his quality work, but the overall experience you receive from start to finish. And while we joke about Dan being our shop’s “seasoned” artist, his experience is clear with how well he deals with all of his customers. Dan goes above and beyond to make his customer’s appointments a fun and enjoyable experience.

Through his various volunteer efforts and tattoo career, he has created a faithful following of customers throughout the region. And Dan certainly knows no stranger. This is why we have coined him as the Tattoo Mayor – always on call (for like 2 hours), shaking hands, kissing babies, and tattooing the world. Dan enjoys his profession, and it shows through his work, as a very talented and versatile tattoo artist.

Specializing in all aspects of tattooing, Dan has the ability to create unique pieces based on a customer’s ideas, or bring his own style and characteristic to work brought in for reference. He enjoys Black & Grey, Lettering, Line Art, Comic & Cartoon Illustration, and more.

And when Dan isn’t tattooing, or hard at work focusing for his appointments (some may call it napping), Dan can be found hustling the local fishing competitions throughout the region. Here fishy, fishy, fishy…

Be sure to stop in and visit with Dan, or set your consultation — but as we told you — you will need to be prepared to laugh and enjoy your tattoo experience from start to finish… And he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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