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Donna Phillips

Tattoo Artist

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Please meet tattoo artist – Donna Phillips. A Morgantown native, Donna is an extremely talented creator, full of life and energy, with a spooky desire that we should celebrate Halloween more than once a year. She possesses an unwavering drive, dedication and passion.

Donna is driven by her art, including her tattooing – which has strong influences from American Traditional and Neotraditional styles that involves bold lines and color. She also enjoys exploring with different styles to create something authentic. Donna LOVES creating tattoos inspired by pop culture references and anime, and includes Disney, Studio Ghibli, Cult Classic Films, and anime characters such as Sailor Moon, Cowboy Bebop and Pokemon to name a few (this list could go on for a while… trust us). She proudly encourages all nerds – and geeks are always welcome.

Donna is also an extremely dedicated individual. She is dedicated to her art, where she is also an avid acrylic and watercolor painter, as well as digital illustrator. She loves using nature as some of her favorite references in her art and tattooing – including plants, florals, animals, bugs, stones, and gems. She is also extremely dedicated to her family including her husband and daughter.

And maybe one of Donna’s most distinguished traits is her passion for helping others. Not only does she enjoy capturing memories or stories with her art, but Donna is a passionate animal activist with a strong voice for animals and their welfare. She currently fosters kitty cats and is a volunteer through Homeward Bound. She also enjoys tattoos that are inspired by our furry friends.

We invite you to schedule a consultation with this talented artist for your next tattoo. Be sure to schedule an appointment with our online appointment request here, or, contact our shop to make your tattoo appointment today.

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