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Hayley Brewer

Front Desk Coordinator

We all have that one wild and crazy friend who is full of (sometimes not-so-) great ideas and is the first to jump into the fire, yet still presents themselves as super reserved … well, we at Stick Tattoo are certainly not pointing fingers, but would like to take this time and introduce you to Miss Hayley, one of our colorful Front Desk Coordinators.

Hayley’s caring personality, industry passion, diligent work ethic, and wise-guy charm (okay, and her hair color) make her one of the nicest and most dependable (and, oddly, most organized) individuals you’ll ever have the chance to meet.

When not getting pierced or holding it down at the shop, Hayley enjoys a simple life with her three (four? five?) cats, loud music, Cheddar-Jalapeño Lay’s, nature hikes, long drives, and a good, old-fashioned bass drop every now and then.

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