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Kelechi Ejimofor

Tattoo Artist

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Joining the team is 2016, this talented Morgantown High School and WVU art student has been creating amazing work for years throughout West Virginia. An artist at heart and by trade, Kelechi is well-versed in various art mediums – specifically oil paintings, which can be seen throughout his distinct and eye-catching tattoos. Kelechi has a love for all art, which he utilizes for a unique and diverse approach to his tattoo art.

Kelechi continues to create his own, distinct style that infuses vibrant color palettes, smooth gradients and artistic line work and detail. We often describe him as a hybrid-artist – one that is extremely talented and artistic, BUT, he also appreciates ideas and concepts from his clients, and works to create custom artwork that exceeds expectations. A true artist, Kelechi enjoys attending art and tattooing seminars, constantly fusing new styles and ideas into his work as he pushes boundaries.

When not tattooing, this eclectic townie spends his time cruising the streets of Morgantown on his motorcycle, listening to music (he probably has headphones on right now), checking out sci-fi and comic book movies, and watching any and all sports.

Kelechi is the oldest of 6 siblings, and his father’s side of the family is Nigerian.

Be sure to check out Kelechi’s bold and colorful tattoo portfolio below. To schedule an appointment, be sure to stop in or call us today to see what this artist has in store for your next tattoo.

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