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Clients find migraine relief with daith piercing at STICK Tattoo



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Clients find migraine relief with daith piercing at STICK Tattoo

Do you suffer from migraines? Have you sought out many types of treatment, prayed for relief and, so far, found little to none? Another option is finally here and our piercer Harmony has had 100 percent success improving, and in some cases eliminating, migraine headache symptoms with her clients who have received a daith piercing.

Where is a daith piercing?

The piercing is located in the inner cartilage section of the ear which runs through an identified acupuncture pressure point. Having the piercing done on the same side as most migraines occur seems to have an enormous impact on the occurrence of migraines. One of Harmony’s recent clients had a daith piercing done in each ear and has gone from suffering from years of intense migraines to none at all.

Migraine relief testimonial –

Wendy Jordan is from Burlington, W.Va. and suffered from migraines for more than five years. She was placed on medication to treat them, which provided some relief until they came raging back, full force. She was suffering from migraines 5-6 days every week and they were medically categorized as severely debilitating.

Since the day she came to see Harmony for two daith piercings, six weeks ago, Jordan hasn’t had a single migraine. Her doctors are amazed and she is overflowing with gratitude.

“Harmony changed my life and I can’t even express how thankful I am for that,” Jordan said. “There was so many days before that I couldn’t even function. I didn’t know how much longer I could have gone on that way. I feel like a brand new person.”

Another of Harmony’s clients – Jennifer Read Manner of Morgantown, also is singing the praises of this unconventional migraine treatment.

“I want to thank Harmony for my piercing,” Manner said. “I’ve been experiencing horrible migraines lately and, since this type of piercing is known to aid in the relief of headaches due to pressure point therapy, it was an easy decision for me.”

Daith piercing pricing –

Daith piercings are done quickly in our state-of-the-art tattoo and piercing studio. The cost ranges from $40-$80 and we carry a wide selection of jewelry from which you can choose.

If you’re suffering from migraines, call Harmony today at 304.212.5543, to discuss your options. Relief could be one, 10-minute visit to The STICK Tattoo Co. away.

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