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Custom Anime Tattoo Artists and Pop Culture Tattoo Artists



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Custom Anime Tattoo Artists and Pop Culture Tattoo Artists


At Stick Tattoo, our team has some of the best custom anime tattoo artists and pop culture tattoo artists in the Pittsburgh area, and can help create that unique and special tattoo for your collection. Tattoo artists Donna Phillips and Cory Phillips (yes, husband and wife) as well as Brandon Moats and Kelechi Ejimofor specialize in creating some of the most unique anime tattoos of your favorite characters. And not just because they are talented artists, but also because they are also fans of weeaboos themselves, heavily influenced by all types including shonen, shoko, seinen, josei, and kodomomuke. To learn more about Donna, Cory, Brandon, and Kelechi, be sure to visit our team page here.

Custom Anime & Pop Culture Tattoo Styles:

Just as there are numerous characters and styles for anime tattoos and pop culture tattoos, there are also different tattoo styles that we can create your custom tattoo. Here is just a quick list of the different tattoo styles our artists could create your custom anime tattoo or pop culture tattoo:

  • Illustrative Anime Tattoo Style
  • Japanese Anime Tattoo Style
  • Realism Anime Tattoo Style
  • American Anime Tattoo Style
  • Neo Traditional Anime Tattoo Style
  • Minimalist Anime Tattoo Style

Of course, as Donna often says, “some of the best anime tattoos are often combinations of styles and characters that are a mixture of realism, or “looks straight out of the movie/show” and neo traditional.”

Anime & Pop Culture Tattoo Characters:

In striving to be one of the best tattoo shops for custom anime tattoos and pop culture tattoos, we often hear requests such as wanting ‘cute anime tattoos’ or ‘anime girl tattoos’, which is something we can then help with. We also enjoy creating custom tattoos of all of your favorite anime series and feature film characters including:

  • Dragon Ball Z Tattoo
  • Sailor Moon Tattoo
  • Cowboy Bebop Tattoo
  • Naruto Tattoo
  • Studio Ghibli Tattoo
  • Disney Tattoos
  • Star Wars Tattoos
  • Marvel Tattoos
  • DC Comics Tattoos
  • My Hero Academia Tattoo
  • Taboo Tattoo
  • Inuyasha Tattoo
  • Pokémon Tattoos
  • Bluey Tattoo
  • And so many more.

Anime & Pop Culture Tattoo Gallery:

Below are just a sample of the custom anime tattoos and pop culture tattoos from our team at Stick Tattoo.



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Getting Started With Your Custom Anime Tattoo:

If you would like to talk with one of our talented anime tattoo artists, or pop culture tattoo artists, we encourage you to contact our team at Stick Tattoo to schedule a consultation. When you schedule this consultation, we ask that you provide any and all details about the custom tattoo you want drawn up, and any references, as well.

You can also learn more about our suggestions for communicating with your tattoo artist by reading our guide here.