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Happy Father’s Day from Stick Tattoo



Posted by mjd

Happy Father’s Day from Stick Tattoo

From all of us at Stick Tattoo Company, we would like to wish everyone a happy Father’s Day.

Tattoos help tell a story, and our team has the privilege of helping to create the artwork that tells these stories on our clients. We are often still surprised at how many people do not recognize the importance that tattoos represent for most people. So this Father’s Day, we wanted to share a few stories of tattoos and what they represent for these individuals.

You may notice a few familiar faces, as our shop owners, Damian & Rachael Ferek, share the importance of their custom tattoos. Damian is also joined by his father in the video, who shares his outlook, as well.

A big thank you to Josh Perry and Matthew Drayer, both of Morgantown, for taking the time to share the meaning of their tattoos. As you will see with both of these individuals, tattoos not only represent the love for their fathers, but the pride and significance of what fatherhood means to them.

What is your tattoo story? We would love to hear from you to learn more about what a tattoo means for you. Be sure to stop by the shop, or shoot us an email at info@sticktattoo.com.