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Honoring America Through Patriotic Tattoos



Posted by mjd

Honoring America Through Patriotic Tattoos

At STICK Tattoo Company, we have seen a number of patriotic and military-themed tattoos over the years, and love hearing the stories and meanings behind each one. As artists, we encourage your tattoos to mean something to you and appreciate the love of country that we come into contact with.  As the country celebrated our Independence Day this weekend, it gives us a chance to recognize those who have previously and are currently fighting to ensure that we live in the greatest nation. And as an industry, tattoos give each of us an opportunity to show that appreciation in a variety of ways.

Friends and family often bare American flag tattoos, Statue of Liberty tattoos, American eagle tattoos, Liberty Bell tattoos and various combinations of them all.  Meaningful tattoo lettering is also very personalized as it allows you to express yourself in your own words.  From “FREEDOM” and “INDEPENDENCE” to “ONE NATION UNDER GOD,” patriotic lettering allows these individuals feel more connected to their country and their passion.

Former Homicide Detective, Nick Leischen, bears the initials SOG with the American flag worked into the various letters.  Leischen volunteered his time and efforts in the days after September 11, 2001, and was assigned to a special operations group where he helped perform a number of duties including protecting then Mayor Rudy Giuliani. The tattoo serves as a reminder to Leischen that many Americans came together during this time to show the true dedication and strength of our nation — even in the face of adversity. He proudly wears his tattoo on his forearm for all to see.

We at Stick Tattoo Co. would like to thank all of the men and women in our country who continue to fight and make our country the greatest in the world. Allow us to tattoo those who want to proudly display their patriotism for the rest of their life.  If you have an idea for a patriotic of military-style tattoo, be sure to contact us today at 304-413-0101 and discuss how we can create some fresh ink for your vision.