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Jimmy Butcher Visits Stick Tattoo Co.



Posted by mjd

Jimmy Butcher Visits Stick Tattoo Co.


STICK Tattoo Co. was excited to welcome Jimmy Butcher and Jenny Hawks to the shop as they were in the area.  A native of West Virginia, Jimmy Butcher is a nationally recognized artist with his shop in Savannah, Georgia, but continues to gain recognition through traveling to various conventions.

Damian and Jimmy had the opportunity to meet at the First Annual WV Tattoo Expo, where Jimmy became one of the artists to contribute to Damian’s ongoing collection of ink. Both Jimmy and Jenny were instrumental in the start of STICK Tattoo Co. through both their inspiration and expertise.

In addition to having one of the most recognized shops (and beards) on the east coast, The Butcher Art Gallery continues to grow and display some of the most unique artistry around. If ever in Savannah or looking for a road trip, we suggest taking the time to stop by and say “hi” to all the rad people at The Butcher.

For more on both the Tattoo Shop and Gallery, visit – http://www.whatisthebutcher.com.