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Meet Stick Tattoo Artist, Brandon Volek!



Posted by mjd

Meet Stick Tattoo Artist, Brandon Volek!

At most tattoo shops, there always seems to be at least one employee who truly embodies a typical artist’s persona. Covered in ink and piercings and possessing extraordinary imaginative talent, Stick Tattoo artist, Brandon Volek, is someone who fits the mold of a traditional artist.

While versatile with any tattoo style, Brandon has quickly become a customer favorite and a trusted go-to for freehand, portraits, horror-inspired, bright new school, realistic black and gray, and a variety of other non-traditional tattoos. Though calm in nature and a man of few words, Brandon creates tattoos that are anything but quiet—his art is known for being bright and bold and making a statement.

To learn more about Brandon and view his gallery of work, visit https://thestickco.wpengine.com/artists/brandon-volek/. To stay up to date on Brandon’s latest work, follow his Instagram account at bvolektattoos.


BrandonVolek-CoverUp-Anchor BrandonVolekChuckieTattoo bvolek-10 BrandonVolekPittsburghPenguinsTattoo BrandonVolekBlackGraySoldiersCrossTattoo1 BrandonVolek-WVU-Tattoo BrandonVolek-LegSleeve-Mechanical-3DtattooBrandonVolek-3DribbonTattoo