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Meet Team Stick Tattoo Artist, Brandon Moats!



Posted by mjd

Meet Team Stick Tattoo Artist, Brandon Moats!


Stick-Tattoo-Brandon-MoatsKnown by clients as Moats, this Star Wars fan began tattooing at a young age and once owned his own shop before joining the Stick Tattoo team. At the shop, Moats is also known for his interest and skill in Japanese-style tattoos, and for offering a comfortable client-experience by giving them the opportunity to watch the latest professional stand-up comedy routines via his laptop.

With years of experience tattooing throughout the state, this West Virginia native brings a wealth of new talent and fresh energy to Stick Tattoo. With over 7 years of tattooing under his belt, he brings with him an abundance of clients and loves to push the envelope when it comes to creativity—he is most known for being a great cover-up artist and for having a keen eye for color.

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