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Online Consent Forms



Posted by mjd

Online Consent Forms

Stick Tattoo is committed to finding ways additional ways to help continue social distancing for the health and safety of our customers and team members. One of those measures was taking our required consent forms online, allowing customers the ability to fill out their information prior to their appointment.

These consent forms are required by the state of West Virginia for any piercing or tattoo. They are also required before each and every appointment, with no exceptions.

Not only does our online consent forms limit the touchpoints and customer interaction at the shop, it also allows us to digitally save and organize our consent forms for better organization of our paperwork. We view this as a permanent improvement for our forms and ongoing for the foreseeable future.

If you have an upcoming appointment, you are welcome to view and fillout your information here, by selecting either tattoo consent forms or piercing consent forms.

Stick Tattoo is a body piercing and custom tattoo studio located in Morgantown, WV, proudly servicing customers throughout the region. We have adapted our operation to ensure the most safe and sanitary environment, while still providing the best experience for your tattoo and piercing needs. To read more on our operational standards, please click here!