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Daith Piercings At Stick Tattoo

At Stick Tattoo, we continue to have success with daith piercings; a piercing that has much success in offering relief for migraines and headaches. The piercing is located in the inner cartilage section of the ear which runs through an identified acupuncture pressure point. Having the piercing done on the same side as most migraines occur seems to have an enormous impact on the occurrence of migraines.

Does the Daith Piercing Cure Migraines?

While the Daith piercing does not have official medical documentation supporting a true “cure” for headaches, it continues to be cause a lot of conversations, especially among those who suffer from migraines. For many of us that have reoccurring headaches, finding any remedy to help relieve the pain provides a significant upside. And as a relatively inexpensive procedure ($40 single ear), you are able to affordably try a proven method for migraine and headache reduction, all while receiving a new, attractive piercings.

Specifically at Stick Tattoo, Harmony continues to have a high success rate with the correlation between the piercing and reduction of migraines. Based on the continued feedback we receive and referrals from clients, we can confidently say that the piercing is having life-changing results for many of our customers. Below are just a few testimonials from our customers, as seen on our Facebook page:

I got the daith ear piercing on New Year’s Eve. That was the best thing I have done! I have not had a migraine since. I highly recommend it.
-Melinda Feather DeBerry, April 7, 2016

Harmony did a great job with my daith piercing yesterday, and it feels great today. I walked into the shop with a migraine, and walked out without one. I sure hope it continues.
-Crystal Metz Wagner, February 19, 2016

Many customers receive the daith piercing purely for the look and appearance. Located directly in the inner cartilage of your ear, the various jewelry options offered for the piercing attract additional demand for the piercing.

Daith Piercing Jewelry Options and Clickers

With Daith Piercings, you have the opportunity and option to select the jewelry you wish to be piercing with from the start. We do ask that you select an option that you will be happy with for the duration of the healing process, to eliminate the urge to change or remove the jewelry.

Additional Jewelry options can range in size, color, and design and may include a $5-$10 additional charge.

After care and healing of the Daith Piercing

With any body piercing, proper after care is encouraged, and the daith piercing is no exception. The healing process can actually take a little longer and be more complicated than most other piercings. Due to its location within the ear, the daith piercing can serve as a magnet for dirt and germs, so you will want to ensure you clean it properly a few times a day, preferably with specific piercing after care spray.
We also recommend that the first week – two weeks after the piercing that you limit contact with make-up, hair spray, tanning lotion, or perfumes to allow the piercing to heal properly.

While each individual is different in retrospect to healing, on average, your piercing will be swollen, with possible redness and discomfort to touch for the initial 4-5 days following the piercing. The following two weeks will then become less painful, but still have tenderness to the area. It will then take 3-4 months of proper cleaning and healing before the daith piercing is completely healed. Please do not remove the jewelry during this time period as it may close or damage the piercing.

Daily Care Routine for Daith Piercings

  • Do not touch your piercing unless you are cleaning it. Unwashed hands carry bacteria and your piercing is a point where these bacteria can penetrate below your skin and easily cause an infection.
  • While healing, your daith piercing will need to be cleaned once daily. By cleaning too frequently, you may harm your piercing.
  • You will need to use an antibacterial soap that contains either chloroxylenol or triclosan

Questions in the healing of Daith Piercings

Discharge or Pus

Slight discharge and pussing immediately following the daith piercing is common. But you will want to pay close attention to ensure a possible infection or allergic reaction does not occur. Should discharge or pussing occur, please contact us for questions or concerns. Should the discharge be accompanied by a fever, increased itching, or discharge, please seek medical attention for a possible ear infection.

For more information or questions regarding your daith piercing, please contact us today . Stick Tattoo is a leading tattoo and body piercing studio located in Morgantown, West Virginia, specializing in high end body piercings, body modifications, dermals and surface bar piercings.

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