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Surface Anchor and Single Point Piercings

Stick LLC

Stick Tattoo offers one of the most exciting piercings and body modifications with surface anchor and single point piercings (sometimes also known as dermals, microdermals or dermal anchors). Surface Anchor and Single Point Piercings are best described as a flat plate, or anchor, that gets positioned just beneath the skin, allowing for an changeable piece of jewelry to fasten and sit on the surface by fastening to a post that is fixed to the anchor. The post allows for the surface or top jewelry to be changed with ease.

Different than more traditional body piercing, surface anchor and single point piercings are implanted into your skin just below the surface, but deep enough to reduce the chance of rejection.

• $70 (single)
• $30 (additional)
• Surface Bar $70

Types of Surface Anchor and Single Point Piercings

With many surface anchor and single point piercings, the overall design and layout of your body modification can be crafted by the skill and creativity of your piercer. At Stick Tattoo, Harmony has an extensive portfolio and experience to help provide the most unique and visually aesthetic arrangement. Possible Dermal Piercings include:
• Lower Back
• Neck Piercings
• Collarbone Piercings
• Eye Piercings
• Face Piercings
• Wrist Piercings
• Chest Piercings
• Finger Piercings
• And more

Surface Anchor and Single Point Piercings After Care

Dermal Piercing After Care is needed to protect and heal the perforated region. The area needs to be cleaned on a daily basis to prevent infection and other serious health risks. Be sure to always wash your hands properly prior to touching your perforated region. Dirt and germs can cause irritation and accelerate infection in the skin.

We encourage you to use specialized piercing after care ( sold at Stick Tattoo) but can utilize a combination of salt water and cotton swab to ensure proper cleaning.

Surface Anchor and Single Point Piercings Removal

In the case of infection, or just wanting to go separate ways with your piercing, Stick Tattoo also offers removal, provided the skin or infection does not prohibit us from doing so.

Stick Tattoo is your leading microdermal and body modification specialist. Located south of Washington, Pennsylvania, in Morgantown, WV, we offer one of the regions most talented and reputable body piercers to ensure your piercings go quick and easy. Contact us today for more information, or to schedule an appointment.