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STICK Launches Tattoos and Piercings in Morgantown, WV



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STICK Launches Tattoos and Piercings in Morgantown, WV

There’s a reason STICK Tattoo Company chose Morgantown, West Virginia to offer high quality tattoos and piercings. There’s also more than one reason CNN Money named Morgantown one of top small metro areas to launch a business in 2009. With a growing population of more than 30,000 people, Morgantown offers the opportunity of city life with the ambiance of a small town.

“When it comes to academics, sports, arts and culture, there’s just no place like Morgantown,” STICK Tattoo Company Owner and President, Damian Ferek. “We knew this would be a great place to settle down and offer high-quality tattoo and piercing services to residents.”

Thousands of West Virginia University students pour into the city each year and take advantage of the numerous opportunities offered by growing energy and construction sectors, the university, both the city and WVU hospitals, Mylan and several research centers located right here in Morgantown. Keeping pace with these growing opportunities, a variety of small businesses and several local and five star restaurants are gradually appearing within minutes from STICK Tattoo Company’s new location.

Located just miles away from several larger cities, Morgantown is a prime location for STICK Tattoo Company to create roots and connect with thousands of individuals with all different backgrounds and demographics. Our tattoo and piercing studio located in the Suncrest Town Centre is open to all types of Morgantown residents, from current students to entry-level graduates to experienced professionals—regardless of their level of familiarity with tattoos and piercings.

Convenient to its residents, Morgantown is in a prime geographic location near Fairmont, Kingwood and Wheeling, West Virginia; Washington and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Baltimore and Oakland, Maryland; and St. Clairsville, Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio.

Among CNN’s rating are several other nominations and awards given to Morgantown as it continues to grow. Here are six, just to name a few:

  • 3rd best Small Town in America – Men’s Journal
  • 12th Hottest Small City – Inc. Magazine
  • 5th Best Small Place for Business and Careers – Forbes
  • Best Small City in the East –The Rating Guide to Live in America’s Small Cities
  • One of the Best Sports Cities – The Sporting News
  • #1 Dreamtown in Country – Bizjournals.com

STICK Tattoo Company looks forward to carrying its bold and aggressive culture to an industry where it can continue to thrive and excel. The shop will feature some of the best artists in the region all specializing in their own niche style and technique. Be sure to like STICK Tattoo Company on Facebook and Twitter and stay up to date for the latest and greatest as our shop gets set to open in early Fall 2014.