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Stick Tattoo and The Stick Co. Team Up for Multiple Sclerosis Fundraising



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Stick Tattoo and The Stick Co. Team Up for Multiple Sclerosis Fundraising


Stick Tattoo Company recently wrapped up an amazing and event filled weekend fueled by the STICK IT TO MS campaign initiated with sister company, The Stick Co. Stick President, Damian Ferek, and Director of Operations, Kim Johnson, have co-chaired the event for four years, and were excited to help bring a new addition to fundraising efforts with the help of the tattoo shop and added team members.


In addition to the help in planning and organizing the Walk/Run MS Morgantown with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS), Stick organized a tattoo fundraiser in money was raised in exchange for a chance to win a $100 tattoo gift card for each artist. The shop then welcomed Nashville Sensation and locally raised Brynn Marie and her band for a one-hour live acoustic set that helped bring people into the shop. As her performance neared an end, we did a last chance social media blitz encouraging any electronic contributions.


On Saturday, our team took to Hazel Ruby McQuain Park for the Walk/Run MS Morgantown. While a little cold, we were inspired by the amount of people that were able to attend and make this the most successful Walk/Run MS Morgantown event yet. Shortly after, our team did the drawing for the award winners, and contacted those who won immediately. We have the winners posted with each artist they were selected for.


We appreciate everyone’s continued support and effort for the fight against Multiple Sclerosis. As many of you know, this nasty illness affects thousands in West Virginia, but most directly, took the life of Tattoo Artist Dan Lewis’s mother in 1996, and Shop Owner Damian Ferek’s father continues to suffer from MS.

And as a special thanks to all of you, Stick Tattoo was able to raise over $2,000 in the memory of Dan’s mother, Barbara Jean Harwood, that will go directly to the NMSS’s fundraising efforts to find a cure for MS. Dan was joined at the walk by his sister, Jamie Harmon.