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STICK Tattoo Co. Featured in ShaleU Article



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STICK Tattoo Co. Featured in ShaleU Article

STICK Tattoo Company proudly supports the oil and gas industry and recognize its importance to the economy and people of West Virginia. Through the existing ties at sister-company, STICK, LLC, STICK Tattoo Co. has many existing relationships with oil and gas companies and those who are affected by the industry daily.

Recently, STICK Tattoo Co. and STICK, were featured in an article on ShaleU.com, describing our commitment to the oil and gas industry. The story quotes STICK President and Owner, Damian Ferek, as dedicated to contributing to the growth of the industry.

“Both STICK and STICK Tattoo Co. are businesses that support and revolve around the oil and natural gas boom,” said Ferek. “We will continue to provide local and out of state workers with quality services that help the oil and gas industry continue its growth.”

To read the full ShaleU article, follow the link.