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The Hazards of Hand, Finger and Foot Tattoos



Posted by mjd

The Hazards of Hand, Finger and Foot Tattoos

At Stick Tattoo, we often get calls or emails from customers looking to get a tattoo on your hand, finger, and foot, but unfortunately, our shop has a pretty strong policy against doing tattoos in these areas. To help get a better understanding, we have outlined our reasoning behind turning down business with these types of tattoos.

Tattoo Quality

The first, and primary, reason for not tattooing hands, feet or your face comes from an issue of tattoo quality. Both feet and hands, including your fingers, are difficult to tattoo well, due to very thin skin on these parts of your body. Positioning the ink on these parts of your body is very tricky, and takes a lot of experience to get it right. If the tattoo is applied too deep or too shallow, you will end up with a blurry or discolored tattoo that may reflect a tattoo ‘mistake’—even though it is one that even the most experienced artist can make in these locations.

In addition to the difficulty in tattooing these locations, maintaining the quality of your tattoo will be significantly more difficult. Your hands and feet take a lot of abuse during everyday life, and will take a toll on the overall quality, especially during the healing process. Your hands will be in and out of your pockets, or even work gloves, and your feet will take the abuse of socks and shoes, to name a few.

Artist Work and Reputation

At Stick Tattoo, our artists are all career-minded and dedicated to creating the best tattoos possible. Our artists guarantee their work, and often provided touch-ups and various care tips. Your tattoo is a walking representation of our artists’ work, and so we do everything we can do to ensure our best work, each and every time. Because of this, we are very selective when tattooing our customers, ensuring they are educated on the risks and issues with location. If a tattoo is messed up, or does not heal properly because of poor placement, such as hands, fingers or feet, it will be our artist’s reputation getting the blame, thus affecting their reputation.

Next Steps

While we at Stick Tattoo strongly encourage our customers to rethink or reevaluate the location of your tattoo, it will ultimately be a final call by the specific artist doing the tattoo. Some of our artists are more flexible with these locations based on their experience and comfort with tattooing your hands and feet. As a rule, none of our artists will tattoo the sides of your feet, hands or fingers, as the skin is too fragile and will not retain the ink properly. The tops of your hands and feet, are more likely to heal properly.

Should you still be interested in having your hands, finger or foot tattooed, we ask that you contact the shop and discuss your selected tattoo with our team, to determine if we will be able to help given your design and desired location.