Sydney Martisko

Permanent Makeup Artist

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Sydney Martisko has years of experience with permanent makeup and microblading, and is extremely passionate about all things beauty. Syd loves nothing more than making other people feel beautiful.

She’s a WVU graduate, and has lived in Morgantown her entire life. With her local roots and passion for helping people express themselves, Syd was a natural fit at Stick Tattoo, and we’re beyond psyched to have her here.

Social media content creation and marketing are also passions of Syd’s, so you might already be familiar with her from TikTok or the ‘Gram. She feels strongly about supporting her fellow artists, and is confident that she can make a difference in peoples’ lives through her art and passions.

If you’re curious about permanent makeup or microblading, she’d love to talk with you about it. You won’t find anymore more knowledgeable.

Looking to schedule an appointment with Sydney for a permanent makeup? Be sure to click here to schedule a consultation to review your idea. Sydney requests a consultation for both new and returning clients to better understand and prepare for your appointment.

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