Experienced Tattoo Artists

At Stick Tattoo, our team of artists offer a diverse range of artistic styles, creativity and expertise to fulfill your unique tattoo aspirations. From intricate designs to traditional or even random af, our studio is your destination for safe, hygienic, and professional custom tattoo services that elevate your style with confidence and individuality. Be sure to check out our team of artists and each of their distinct styles.

Professional Body Piercing

If you’re considering a professional body piercing, Stick Tattoo offers a wide range of professional piercing services no matter your personal style. From traditional ear piercings to unique body modifications, our shop is your premiere destination for safe, hygienic, and professional body piercing services. We also take pride in providing a range of professional and high quality jewelry options, specific to your piercing of choice.

Permanent Makeup

Stick Tattoo is proud to be now offering permanent makeup and microblading, courtesy of the lovely and talented Sydney Martisko. Syd’s skillfull touch with permanent makeup can help you look your best when you wake up every morning, all while saving you time and money.