About Us

Located in Morgantown, West Virginia, Stick Tattoo Company is one of the region’s leading tattoo and body piercing studios. Dedicated to quality, integrity and community, our team is committed to delivering creative tattoos, experienced body piercing and a distinct culture.

Upon entering the shop, you’ll quickly notice that our shop has its own unique style and vibe of its own. Stick Tattoo is unlike most typical tattoo and piercing atmospheres—we pride ourselves on offering modern, high-end, and reliable tattoo services to a variety of audiences. The shop features a distinct environment built specifically to provide a clean, artistic and welcoming location for any individual searching for reliable and quality tattoos and piercings.

Stick Tattoo was created to be a hybrid tattoo and piercing shop that combines all of the various ideas and concepts of our team. Each team member contributes thoughts and ideas on how to constantly improve based on their experience and customer feedback. These ideas include everything from our computer flash stations, digital paperwork, and online appointment requests, to our private rooms, custom display case and free coffee station.

If you haven’t been to our shop, we invite you to visit us, in the heart of Morgantown, to see our shop and meet our team. Be sure to learn more about our tattoos and piercings, but also check out our education section to see some of the articles we have posted to help get the most from your experience.

Meet Our Team

Easily the most important aspect of Stick Tattoo is our team of talented, experienced and dedicated individuals. We take pride in providing unmatched service from start to finish, to ensure you have the best experience at Stick Tattoo. Our front desk and management team works to help coordinate and schedule our appointments, allowing our artists to focus on their art and customers. Be sure to meet our team below to learn more on each of our members.

Inside Stick Tattoo

When we designed Stick Tattoo, we envisioned a shop that combined the rustic and raw nature of wood and metal of West Virginia, as well as establish an atmosphere that inspired creativity while demonstrating our professionalism and attention to detail. Here we give you a glimpse of our shop, but invite you in to check out our location in person.