Now Offering Tandem Ear Piercings for Children


Now Offering Tandem Ear Piercings for Children

At Stick Tattoo in Morgantown, WV, we specialize in bringing creativity, safety and professionalism together to offer tandem ear piercings, a unique experience for children wanting to have their ears pierced professionally. Our experienced team of Harmony and Danica are dedicated to providing exceptional service and the best experience for you and your child when having their ears pierced simultaneously. They will take the time to not only educate you and the child throughout the process, but will make the experience fun and enjoyable.

So Why Choose Tandem Ear Piercings for Your Child?

Expertise and Professionalism

Harmony and Danica bring years of experience and a passion for safety to every piercing session. Their meticulous approach ensures a gentle and precise procedure, ensuring that each piercing is perfectly aligned. This gives you peace of mind as a parent, while simultaneously piercing both ears at the same time.

Safe and Hygienic Environment

At Stick Tattoo, we maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene in our studio, ensuring that every piercing is performed in a sterile environment. Harmony and Danica follow strict protocols to guarantee the safety of your child during the entire procedure, while also ensuring that your child feels comfortable and relaxed throughout their appointment.

Quick and Comfortable Process

With Harmony and Danica’s expertise, they have enhanced their preparation and piercing process to prioritize your child’s comfort throughout and that they have only the best experience . Their gentle touch and attention to detail make the experience stress-free for both kids and parents

Professional Aftercare Guidance

After the piercing, Harmony and Danica provide comprehensive aftercare instructions to promote proper healing and ensure the longevity of the piercings. They are always available to address any concerns or questions you may have post-procedure.

!! Age Requirement !!

At Stick Tattoo, we believe in providing the highest quality piercing services in the most safe and appropriate manner. Because of this, our team requires that any child wanting their ears pierced to be at least 5 years of age. This helps ensure your child is an appropriate age to help take care of the piercings themselves, drastically reducing the risk of infection.

Experience the artistry and precision of tandem ear piercings for children with Harmony and Danica. Schedule your appointment now to give your child the gift of beautifully curated ear piercings in a safe and professional setting. Let’s create lasting memories and stunning ear adornments together!