Piercing Aftercare


Piercing Aftercare

Body Piercing

  • Do not touch or play with your piercing
  • Always wash your hands before cleaning your piercing
  • Gently rinse your piercing once a day with warm water and antibacterial soap to get rid of any dried blood, crusties, dirt and debris from the day. A warm or hot shower works best
  • Use a suggested sterile saline spray to flush your piercing. Spray both the front and back of each piercing – pat dry with a clean and disposable paper towel or gauze pad, making sure to remove buildup on the piercing

Oral Piercing

  • Rinse thoroughly with fresh bottled water after eating or drinking anything aside from water
  • You may also use an alcohol free oral rinse up to four times a day
  • Good oral hygiene is important for a happy, healing piercing
  • Do not play with your jewelry


  • Sleeping on your piercing
  • Makeup and beauty care products
  • Skin cleansers
  • Rubbing alcohol, peroxide, ointments and other first aid products


  • Downsizing jewelry is important when healing a piercing. Once the main swelling has gone down, your jewelry might be too long and need changed to a more comfortable fitting piece. Be sure to ask us about our downsizing policy.