Winter Weather Tattoo Care


Winter Weather Tattoo Care

For many of us that live in the north, colder weather means dry skin, and worse, dry, itchy tattoos. How many times have you gone to show off your tattoos to notice them covered in pasty, flaky skin? The dreaded tongue-lick, or spit and wipe method only works for so long!

No worries — we at STICK Tattoo have your back. Here is a quick list of things you can do to help fight dry skin this winter, and keep those tattoos looking fresh year round with a little help from the great folks at The Wellness Junction (wellnessjunction.com).

1. Moisturize! Cream moisturizers are best for normal to dry skin, and people with sensitive skin should use moisturizers without smelly shit. If needed, stop into our shop in Morgantown and pick up any of the different moisturizers we carry from H2Ocean, including OceanCare or InkRenu.

2. Clean! You can wash your hands, face, feet and between the folds of the skin with soap daily. Your trunk, arms and legs can be rinsed daily. But, be sure to avoid using soap or cleanser on these areas every day. Too much cleansing removes natural moisturizers from the skin.

3. Limit the use of hot water and soap. To help with that “winter itch,” take short, lukewarm showers or baths with a non-irritating, non-detergent-based cleanser, and follow up by applying a water-in-oil type moisturizer immediately afterward. Gently pat that shit into your skin until dry.

4. Avoid the extreme cold. Cold temperatures can cause skin disorders or frostbite. There is no reason to continue wearing shorts in 10 degree weather to prove the cold doesn’t bother you.

5. Avoid excessive heat — STOP SITTING IN FRONT OF A DAMN ELECTRIC HEATER. Try not keeping your heat above 78 degrees; it depletes moisture from the air and adds to winter itch.

So basically, keep your skin conditioned, bath regularly but not for 90 minutes each time, don’t be an idiot, and we will get through these dreaded winter months together!

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